Accurate level detection of solid and liquid materials

Capacitive sensor with easy set-point adjustment saves time
  • 13-LED bar display for optimal visualization of the sensitivity
  • IP69K protection rating provides high resistance to ingress
  • Medium temperature up to 230 °F (110 °C)
  • NO/NC output adjustable via potentiometer
  • Additional features including on/off delays via IO-Link
ifm's KI6000 M30-diameter capacitive proximity sensor provides accurate level detection of solid and liquid materials. A unique 13-LED bar display indicates signal strength and switch point and is visible from long distances.

Potentiometer adjustment
The set-up process is simplified by using two potentiometers. With the top potentiometer, the sensor's output can be easily changed from normally open to normally closed, providing flexibility of one sensor solving multiple applications.

The other potentiometer adjusts the sensitivity of the sensor and allows the sensor to be precisely tuned to the application.

The switch point is always indicated in the center of the 13-LED display. Green LEDs on either side of the switch point indicate the strength of the signal and can alert the user if conditions have changed, build-up is occurring or if more material needs to be delivered.

Reliable position sensing
The KI6000 capacitive proximity sensor is ideal for position sensing of non-metallic objects, such as plastic, glass, wood and paper.

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