Ultrasonic sensors for reliable clear object detection

Ultrasonic sensors for reliable clear object detection

Compact ultrasonic sensors with robust metal housings

  • Robust high-grade stainless steel housing for demanding applications
  • Sensing range up to 1.2 m in M18 cube design and 2.2 m in M18 tubular design
  • Vibrating sound transducer reduces the accumulation of dust and dirt deposits which can negatively impact sensor performance
  • Digital and analog outputs for object detection and level applications
  • Easy sensitivity adjustment via pushbutton
ifm’s compact ultrasonic sensors are ideal for detecting targets at long ranges (up to 2.2 meters), regardless of their color, transparency or surface reflectivity and are not subject to interference from UV light or direct sunlight.

Ultrasonic technology
ifm’s new ultrasonic sensors are ideal for both position and level sensing applications. Ultrasonic sensors emit short bursts of high frequency sound waves. When the sound waves strike an object, an echo is reflected back to the ultrasonic sensor. The time it takes for the sound to travel to the object and back to the sensor (time of flight) is measured and converted into a distance for reliable detection in position and level applications.

  • Ideal for sensing clear objects and diffuse sensing of targets at long ranges, such as automobile windshields
  • Detects full or empty positions in stack height control applications
  • Senses position of the material loops the roller speed can be adjusted as required for non-contact web loop control
  • Detects roll diameters to determine when the material will run out; or for stamping applications where shiny metal surfaces can be challenging to detect with photoelectric sensors
  • Well suited for level applications with liquids and materials with uneven surfaces such as granules and powders

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