SV series vortex flow meter


ifm’s new SV Series vortex flow meter is designed to simultaneously monitor flow rate and detect fluid temperature of circulating water in industrial applications. Encased in a compact robust housing for harsh environments, the meter utilizes the vortex flow principle. The number of vortices detected determines the flow rate, independent of the medium’s pressure and temperature fluctuations.

At-a-glance digital display and easy installation
The vortex flow meter provides a high contrast TFT LCD digital display, programmable with a simple pushbutton menu, that can be customized to best suit the application’s needs. The meter can be programmed to provide switching output (flow rate and/or temperature), flow frequency, or analog output (flow rate or temperature). The meter’s NPT process connection is easy to mount in line and fits either ½ inch or ¾ inch piping. Installation takes less than five minutes.

Features of the SV Series vortex flow meter:

  • Simultaneously monitors flow rate and fluid temperature
  • Measures flow rate up to 26 gpm and temperature up to 194 °F
  • Rotatable two-color TFT digital display for at-a-glance status
  • Mounts in-line with rotatable process connections for quick installation
  • Selectable outputs for switching, frequency and analog

Reliable vortex flow meter for water-based applications
In welding applications, it is essential to control the flow rate and temperature of cooling water to prolong the life of the welding tip and to assure that the weld cools rapidly for optimum quality. The SV Series vortex flow meter is an ideal solution.

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