Intelligent incremental encoder with digital display and IO-Link


ifm introduces a versatile line of intelligent encoders that can perform as an encoder, counter or speed/direction monitor.

  • Using a superior magnetic sensing principle, ifm’s encoders combine the accuracy and speed of traditional optical glass encoders with the robustness of magnetic encoders.
  • Programmable resolutions may be set from 1 to 10,000 pulses per revolution and either an HTL or TTL output may be selected.
  • Pushbutton programming via an intuitive menu allows easy setup, or parameters may be set via IO-Link.
  • The first encoder in the market with a built-in digital display; values may be set in green or red providing local indication.
  • Solid or hollow shaft designs of varying diameters and flange options with M12 rotatable Micro DC connectors are available.
In addition to ifm’s encoders with integrated display, ifm offers a basic version that performs as an encoder only. It does not include a display; however, the resolution and HTL/TTL output are programmable via IO-Link.

ifm’s new magnetic encoders perform with the accuracy and speed of optical encoders, are multi-functional, and come in various options to fit your application … at half the cost!

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