ifm Sensors with IO-Link® Technology


IO-Link unlocks the trapped intelligence in your sensors

Whether we work in an industrial or a process control environment, we rely on sensors. Sensors are smart devices. Much of the data they provide us with is trapped data that we are not trying to access. Why is that?

It’s because of the limits of today’s control architecture. Sensors transmit simple on/off signals or analog signals because that is what the plc can accept. Typically, to get a better highway of sensor data delivered to us, investments are made in expensive fieldbus networks that only work with their own type of bus. These systems often utilize network capacity, limiting the number of I/O.

Today’s sensors have evolved from standard switches with simple on/off capabilities to highly intelligent units with built-in microprocessors. This means that it is possible to receive diagnostic information for predictive maintenance or to parameterize a sensor for real-time “recipe changes” during production.

Thanks to IO-Link technology, the new international standard for sensors and actuators, you can tap into all of your trapped sensor data at very little cost. There’s no longer a need for a big investment in a fieldbus network that requires specific wire or cables.
  • IO-Link uses your existing connectors and does not require any special wiring, you have more flexibility for your production and maintenance – at no increase in cost.
  • IO-Link uses standardized interfaces that work with all IO-Link technology. If a sensor fails, it can be replaced without interrupting your production line.
  • ifm offers a wide range of IO-Link enabled sensors:
    • Capacitive sensors
    • Flow sensors
    • Level sensors
    • Pressure sensors
    • Optical distance detection sensors
    • Temperature sensors
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