New Generation of Pressure Switches: Compact, Reliable and Easy to Use

  • Solid-state pressure sensors are more reliable than mechanical switches
  • Integrated built-in display eliminates the need for a reference gauge; values may be set in green or red providing at-a-glance status indication
  • Simple pushbutton setup allows the switch to be adjusted in minutes using scroll and enter buttons
  • 2 large bright LEDs for output indication can be seen easily from all angle
  • Stainless steel construction designed to last in harsh environments

ifm has provided reliable pressure monitoring of pneumatic and hydraulic applications for more than 20 years. The next generation pressure sensor, the PN7, with enhanced features is now available offering even more flexibility in adapting the product to fit your pressure application.

ifm pressure switches are a solid-state alternative to mechanical pressure switches. Because there are no moving parts to jam or break, ifm pressure switches eliminate the maintenance headaches of mechanical switches.

The PN7 family incorporated the best combination of over pressure, burst pressure and long-term stability for each measuring range. The technology allows for use in high-pressure gas applications as well as liquid applications.

Encased in a stainless steel housing, these switches can withstand extreme shock and vibration and provide high accuracy and reliability for most pressure applications.

Through innovative design technology and features that make the switch easy to implement, ifm once again, sets a new benchmark for price/performance with the new generation PN7 family of products.

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