ifm's TW7 temperature switch features a compact robust housing

  • Reliable part-presence detection of hot objects up to 2462 °F (1350 °C) using non-contact long-distance sensing technology
  • 30 mm threaded stainless steel housing designed for harsh environments
  • Scratch-resistant, optically coated precision lens for minimum sensitivity to scattered light ensures reliability
  • Easy setup via pushbutton and display on the sensor
  • Two independent switching outputs
Compact infrared temperature switch for detecting objects with temperatures up to 2462 °F
Many industries involve detection of objects that are too hot for the use of standard position sensors, such as in the manufacturing of asphalt, steel, glass, or ceramic products. ifm's TW Series non-contact infrared temperature switch is designed to detect objects ranging in temperature from 122 to 2462 °F (50 to 1350 °C).

The TW7 Series temperature switch solves these applications by detecting the infrared radiation emitted by the object and converting it into an output signal. If the temperature detected is above the programmed setpoint, the output switches.

High precision in a robust housing
ifm's TW7 temperature switch features a compact robust housing. The integrated scratch-resistant precision quartz lens with anti-reflective coating provides minimum sensitivity to scattered light for reliability in extremely harsh environments.

Easy setup
The switch provides two independent switching outputs that are easily set using the sensor's pushbuttons and digital display. During operation, the display shows the measured value in percent of signal strength.

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