O5D Series Photoelectric Sensors

  • Time-of-flight measurement via PMD technology in a compact housing
  • Long sensing ranges up to 2 meters with reliable background suppression sensing
  • Simple switch point adjustment using plus / minus (+/-)buttons
  • Superior optical performance eliminates need for reflectors
  • Class 2 laser can be mounted and rotated in any position for application versatility

The O5D Series photoelectric sensors integrates Time-of-Flight sensing principle with PMD technology to provide extremely long diffuse background suppression sensing ranges of up to 2 meters. The O5D senses all target colors at the same range and will not be fooled by highly reflective targets and backgrounds such as stainless steel.

Another advantage is simple setup. The switch point, visible on a numeric display, is easily set by using the sensor’s plus/minus (+/-) pushbuttons. The O5D100 model displays range in centimeters and the O5D101 model displays range in inches. The Class 2 laser has a bright visible red light spot for trouble-free installation.

The O5D photoelectric sensor is made of a durable plastic housing with a protective metal frame to withstand mechanical damage from moving targets. The lens is made of PMMA and the numeric display, along with the plus / minus setup pushbuttons, are located on top of the sensor. The M12 connector rotates for mounting flexibility.

With a list price of $145, the O5D delivers an exceptional price to performance ratio.

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