Safety Light Curtains and Muting Funcionality


  • Light curtains designed for finger, hand and body protection
  • Compact 28 x 30 mm housing profile for less intrusive mounting
  • Up to 6 meter sensing range with no software required
  • Light curtains offer protected heights of 160 mm to 1510 mm in intervals of 150mm
  • You don’t have to compromise the safety level of your machine because of cost… competitive list prices set a new benchmark for value!

ifm’s Type 4 Safety Light Curtains provide an optical solution for protecting plant personnel in unsafe work areas. The Type 4 curtains provide continuous protection, higher effective aperture range, redundant circuitry, and the highest maximum achievable safety level requirements.

Why choose ifm for your safety products?
ifm has taken the complexity out of safety light curtains by offering only Type 4 light curtains. Not only does ifm provide the maximum achievable safety for a light curtain, ifm also offers the optimal resolution models for finger, hand and body protection applications. ifm’s pricing enables Type 4 light curtains to be used in all applications.

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