O6 Series Photoelectric Sensors from ifm - Compact, Robust and Powerful


  • Compact, stainless steel, high-performance photoelectrics
  • IP69K protection rating
  • Easy adjustment via potentiometer
  • Simple adjustment potentiometer and red light source
  • Diffuse reflective with background suppression, polarized retro-reflective and thru-beam pairs

O6 Series Photoelectric Sensors: Robust and Powerful
ifm introduces a new line of robust photoelectrics with stainless steel housings that are designed for a variety of applications found in the industrial automation and food and beverage industries. The O6 Series photoelectric sensors provide reliable position sensing in extreme environments. Rated IP69K, the O6 sensors are Ecolab-certified for sanitary conditions.

The sensors feature a simple adjustment potentiometer and a red light source that sets up the sensor in an application quickly and easily. The potentiometers are double-sealed and, like the lens, are embedded flush to allow for residue cleaning. The transparent back cover ensures that the sensor’s two LEDs are highly visible even in bright lighting conditions. The coated lens is made of resistant, shatterproof PMMA plastic.

Full line of photoelectrics with automatic sensitivity compensation
A special feature of the O6 sensor is the automatic sensitivity compensation that guarantees reliable operation even in steam, smoke or highly reflective environments. The O6 sensor line is available in diffuse reflective with background suppression, retro-reflective with polarization filter and thru-beam pairs. The diffuse reflective sensors offer reliable background suppression, even in applications with highly reflective backgrounds. The sensing range is independent of the color of the object to be detected.

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