Literature Download - Position Sensors

Sensor Catalog for Industrial Automation - 2016
ifm's Sensor Catalog offers the best of ifm's component products in position sensors, fluid sensors, vision sensors, safety products and wiring solutions.
Download (PDF, 46MB)
OI Series Photoelectric Sensors Brochure - 2014
OI Series Photoelectric Sensors - the easiest photoelectric you'll ever set. Simple to setup and easy to install, the OI Series sensors allows users to set a swithpoint easily. Replaces standard 30mm mount photoelectrics.
Download (PDF, 1.4MB)
Inductive New Technology, Product Bulletin - 2014
Suitable for industrial automation, mobile, oils and coolants applications. A newly patented design provides less temperature drift over a wider temperature range.
Download (PDF, 670 KB)
O6 Photoelectric Sensors Bulletin - 2014
High-performance photoelectric sensors. Powerful and robust sensors for the food and beverage industry.
Download (PDF, 486 KB)
O6 Plastic Photoelectric Sensors Bulletin - 2014
High-performance plastic photoelectric sensors. Powerful photoelectric sensors in a plastic housing.
Download (PDF, 457 KB)
O6 Photoelectric Sensors - 2013
Need a photoelectric sensor that can withstand extreme environments? Try ifm’s O6 photoelectric sensor with stainless steel housing.
Download (PDF, 445 KB)
KT Series Capacitive Touch Sensors Bulletin - 2013
Touch sensitive sensors using dynamic and static sensing principles.
Download (PDF, 427 KB)
MK Dual Cylinder Product Bulletin - 2013
Two sensor elements integrated into a single connector reduces wiring time, inventory and total cost of ownership.
Download (PDF, 521 kb)
ifm Safety Light Curtains - 2013
Don't compromise the safety level of your machine because of cost. ifm offers a Type 4 light curtain for a Type 2 price.
Download (PDF, 1.4 mb)
OG Photoelectrics for Industrial and Washdown Applications - 2012
ifm OG Series photoelectric sensors are designed and tested to provide reliable position detection in industrial automation applications and extreme washdown conditions.
Download (PDF, 5.1MB)
AS-i Safety at Work - Door Switches Brochure - 2012
ifm’s new safe AS-i door switches with guard locking have the ability to keep moving protective equipment such as protective grating, protective guards and other covers closed until a dangerous state is present.
Download (PDF, 335kb)
2013 IP69K Safety Light Curtains and Light Grids
ifm's safety light curtains and grids provide an optical solution for protecting machines, work areas and plant personnel. Unlike mechanical options such as safety gates and pull-back restraints, ifm's hands-free solution eliminates excessive handling when entering hazardous areas and using equipment.
Download (PDF, 617kb)
Catalog - Sensors for Food Automation - 2013-2014
ifm's Food Automation Catalog offers position sensors, fluid sensors, vision sensors, safety products and wiring solutions for the food industry.
Download (PDF, 7MB)
efector dualis Vision Sensors - reliable inspection in industrial automation - 2012
Part verification for error-proofing and inspection. efector dualis Vision Sensors can solve a variety of error-proofing and inspection applications throughout the manufacturing process.
Download (PDF, 3MB)
efector PMD - optical distance measurement sensor - 2011
The award-winning efector PMD laser sensor from ifm efector provides non-contact distance measurement with a 10-meter sensing range.
Download (PDF, 1MB)
Absolute Rotary Encoders - 2010
Absolute encoders generate an absolute numerical value for linear or rotational movements. This value is available immediately after power is applied.
Download (PDF, 331kb)
Guide to Photoelectric Sensors for Industrial Automation - 2011
Products include mini rectangulars, M12 and M18 tubulars, large rectangulars, distance measurement, fiber optic systems and application specific.
Download (PDF, 1.1MB)
O1D Series Cooling Box - 2011
ifm's Cooling and Protection box can be used in high temperature applications such as the steel industry. The box protects the sensor up to temperatures of 180°.
Download (PDF, 341kb)
O5 Series Color Sensor - 2010
High resolution O5 Series Color Sensor identifies objects by color in industrial automation applications. The sensor uses reliable RGB technology to provide high resolution detection of color in fast-moving applications.
Download (PDF, 312kb)
OG BasicLine Photoelectrics - 2010
Compact OG BasicLine photoelectric sensors provide reliable position detection in a variety of applications such as conveying, packaging, robotics and material handling, with a great price/performance value.
Download (PDF, 377kb)