Our Values

Our dream for our company, ifm, can only come true when we set down to work with energy, optimism and without authoritarian ideas and arrogance and with a clear motto. This motto for each and every one of us is "I can do it!" Each employee is a source of successful ideas. ifm wants to promote the realization of new ideas by supporting the willingness to take risks and by understanding and accepting unsuccessful attempts. - ifm philosophy

ifm efector, inc., with our parent company, ifm electronic of Essen, Germany, is one of the world's largest manufacturers of electronic sensors for industrial control applications. Our products are sensors; devices that detect the position of objects, the pressure of fluids and the flow of liquids and gases. Our business, however, is to help our customers, manufacturing companies located throughout North America, compete in their global markets.

Culture is what people fall back on when there are no instructions. It gives you rules when there are no rules and provides a common language for moving forward.

ifm efector's culture is defined by our strong values that will guide us to realize our vision.

Our Vision
To be the premier technology partner for Sensors and Controls.

Our Mission
We contribute to our customers' success by providing innovative solutions through continuous development of our people, products and processes.

Our values
- We mean what we say and we act accordingly

Quality - We strive for excellence and continuous improvement.

Teamwork - We help each other and the company reach full potential.

Innovation - We apply practical innovation to simplify processes and technology.

Safe Growth - We build lasting and mutually profitable relationships.