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Programming and display unit for IO-Link and EPS sensors.

Programming and display unit for IO-Link and EPS sensors.

Quicker set-up by duplicating parameter records

  • Quick and easy to mount.
  • Flexible local indication of the measured values.
  • Indication in country-specific pressure units (bar/mbar, kPa/MPa, psi).
  • Permanent operation or operation on request.
  • Prepared for use in combination with IO-Link sensors.
The advantages of the programming and display unit at a glance
The programming and display unit PP2001 enables convenient remote parameter setting and evaluation of sensors that use IO-Link or the EPS protocol for communication (e.g. PP7xxx). The clearly visible 4-digit 10-segment LED display informs permanently or on request about the current system pressure in country-specific units. An integrated memory contains the currently used data record of the connected sensor. If needed it can be activated and modified via the clearly structured menu navigation. This enables series programming of any number of sensors and results in an advantage in terms of time and cost saving.

PP2001 - Programming/ display unit, for EPS and IO-Link sensors, IP 67, Ambient temperature -25...80 °C, M12 connector

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