Pressure meter with new process connections.

Pressure meter with new process connections.

Pressure transmitter with LED display in 2-wire connection technology.

  • Selectable process connection:
  • G 1 A or ASEPTOFLEX adapter thread.
  • Extensive menu functions for a high degree of process safety.
  • High overall accuracy (0.2 %) and electronic temperature compensation.
  • Overload resistant and drift-free ceramic measuring cell with a purity (99.9 %).
  • 4...20 mA analogue output and optional PC connection.
Pressure transmitters with a 4-digit LED display can now also be used in applications where only a 2-wire technology is available. Thanks to high quality materials of housings, process connection and measuring cell the units can be used in processes with high aseptic requirements and where high chemical resistance is required.
Your advantage
Thanks to the usual and extensive menu functions and the 4-digit 10-segment display there is more or less no need for separate evaluation and display units. Without additional level of input and the related cost permanent safety and transparency of the process values can be ensured.
Technical details
The ceramic measuring cell (Al2O3 99.9 %) contributes its share to ensure drift-free continuous operation under overload conditions. The way the measuring cell is attached in the unit is specially important for aseptic processes. Using an elastically attached PTFE ring solves this problem in a unique way. A worldwide unique solution for demanding monitoring tasks under severe conditions! Full parameter setting and read-out of the sensors can be carried out via an optional PC connection. A modular connection concept in conjunction with different process adapters allows selection of the process connection depending on local conditions. Selectable country-specific pressure units are bar, mbar, inH2O, MPa, kPa, PSI mmWS, mWS and %.

Pressure transmitter with process connection ASEPTOFLEX adapter:

Pressure transmitter with process connection G 1 A:

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