Career at ifm electronic - close to you

Come to work for ifm electronic, and you'll find you have become a member of a very special team. You've joined the ifm team, a group of talented individuals united in pursuit of a common goal. That goal, simply stated, is to be number 1. To be the very best.

ifm electronic Ltd., with our parent company, ifm electronic of Essen, Germany, is one of the world's largest manufacturers of electronic sensors for industrial control applications. Our products are sensors; devices that detect the position of objects, the pressure of fluids and the flow of liquids and gases. Our business, however, is to help our customers, manufacturing companies located throughout Singapore, compete in their global markets.

What is the ifm team? It's the commonality of purpose and the can-do attitude that drives every task we undertake. In short, it's the very essence of what we are about as a company.

Job opportunities: None at the moment