Machine condition monitoring

Vibration monitoring systems

Vibration monitoring systemsefector Octavis multiplex vibration monitoring system provides specific vibration analysis on components inside a machine such as rolling element bearings, rotational unbalances and gear drives. The system's internal microprocessor tracks up to 20 different machine components. Compact condition monitoring sensor and transmitter are designed to be permanently mounted on industrial equipment and continuously monitor the changes in a machine's vibration level.
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Flow meters for compressed air

Flow meters for compressed airefector Metris monitors compressed air and specialty gases to detect leakage areas and improve energy efficiencies. By identifying leakage areas, Metris can optimize compressed air and gas usage, improve system performance and reduce energy costs.
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Flow meters for water

Flow meters for waterIn-line flow meter monitors small dosing quantities in water and aqueous solutions up to 200 ml/min; magmeter monitors conductive media upto 26 gpm; and ultrasonic flow meter monitors water applications up to 50 gpm.
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Systems for oil quality monitoring

Systems for oil quality monitoringProduct coming soon.

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