Position sensors

Inductive sensors

Inductive sensorsInductive proximity sensors detect metallic targets in position sensing applications and incorporate extended range technology designed to reduce failure from mechanical damage.
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Capacitive sensors

Capacitive sensorsCapacitive proximity sensors sense the position of non-metallic targets such as glass, plastic and wood.
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Magnetic sensors

Magnetic sensorsMagnetic proximity sensors are designed for the non-contact detection of a target fitted with a magnet.
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Cylinder sensors

Cylinder sensorsLow-profile cylinder position sensors detect the position of pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders. Sensors with miniature sensor housing design offers quick mounting, high sensitivity and a longer life than Reed switches.
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Ultrasonic sensors

Ultrasonic sensorsUltrasonic sensors are used for reliable position detection and precise continuous distance measurement of solids, powders and liquids. They transmit and receive sound waves in the ultrasonic range. The object to be detected reflects the sound waves and the distance information is determined via time of flight measurement. The non-contact detection is independent of colour, transparency, surface characteristics or surface shine of the object. Blister packages in packaging technology or transparent plastic bowls in the food industry, for example, can be reliably detected. Even in operating conditions with heavy soiling, dust or mist the sensors detect objects reliably and without interference.
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Photoelectric sensors

Photoelectric sensorsPhotoelectric sensors are used where non-contact detection of the position of objects is required and the sensing range is much longer.
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Optical forks and angle sensors

Optical forks and angle sensorsifm's optical forks and angle sensors are designed with a transmitter and a receiver in one housing, eliminating the time-consuming alignment of a separate transmitter and receiver. These sensors are deal for a broad range of packaging and material handling applications.
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Laser and distance measurement sensors

Laser and distance measurement sensorsLaser sensors are used where detection of small objects or precise positioning is required. A part as small as 0.1 mm in diameter can be detected at a range of up to 50 mm. ifm's efector pmd laser sensor with time-of-flight technology provides non-contact distance measurement with a 10-meter sensing range.
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Fiber optic sensors

Fiber optic sensorsFiber optics sensors can be used in applications with limited mounting space or as an alternative to a standard photoelectric sensor. Because the electronics are contained in a separate housing that can be remotely located, only the miniature fiber must be mounted near the target.
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Photoelectric sensors for specific applications

Photoelectric sensors for specific applicationsifm's photoelectric sensors are specifically designed to reliably detect glass, film, PET bottles and transparent objects. Sensors are also available to verify, sort and error-proof the presence of objects by color in assembly automation and packaging applications.
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Valve position sensors

Valve position sensorsValve sensors detect the open and closed position of quarter-turn and rising stem valves.
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Switching amplifiers

Switching amplifiersPower supplies provide voltage for sensors, controllers and supply loads.
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