PMDLine... the new generation of photoelectric sensors

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Productnews O5D
More information:
Productnews OID

Revolution: the world's first standard photoelectric sensors with time of flight measurement (PMD)

Advantages over standard photoelectric sensors:
  • excellent background suppression
  • small hysteresis over long distances
  • long sensing range in a small housing, up to 2m
  • colour independent
  • any sensor position and will sense objects from oblique angles
  • easy to install and setup
  • integrated IO Link
PMDLine type OID with easy turn and type O5D with display

Virtual product presentation (flash animation) File with integrated flash player (EXE-File 10.056 kb)

Download the pdf brochure "PMDLine – the new generation of photoelectric sensors"

All of this for the same price as a standard photoelectric sensor - unbeatable value !!!!!!!!