Valve feedback

Valves assume shut-off and control functions in all areas of industry and process technology. They are decisive components for the safety, accuracy and reliability of plants. In order to reliably fulfil these tasks, sensors on the actuators of the valves are required in order to transmit the current valve positions to the controller or process control system via common interfaces.

Conventionally, magnetic or inductive proximity switches assume this task and signal end stops such as ”open” or ”closed” to the controller by means of a switched signal. However, the detection of intermediate positions is of increasing interest. It allows the detection of cleaning cycles for seat valves as well as the visualisation of unintended operating states by means of a continuous valve detection. This is the only way to meet the growing requirements of modern process visualisation.

But modern feedback systems can do even more: Due to high resolution across the total measuring length, condition-based monitoring of the valve seal is possible. Maintenance can be adapted to the actual wear. This in turn increases the lifetime and uptime of the plant. efector valvis meets these requirements.

efector valvis was designed for feedback of the valve positions on rising stem valves with a stroke of up to 80 mm. The sensor is fitted over the valve spindle and continuously measures the stroke. The actual limits of travel are transmitted to the controller via teachable switch points. In a version with analogue output, a continuous transmission of positions to the controller is possible.