The new capacitive sensors with visualised switch point

Capacitive sensor is so easy to set

Here the most important information at a glance:
  • Unique display and operating concept via LED visualisation
  • See and compensate switch point movement
  • IP 69K gives high ingress resistance
  • PNP / NPN, NO / NC, timer function
  • For medium temperatures up to 110 °C

Display guide for the perfect setting.

When operating instructions are no longer needed...
With the new signal display you directly "see what you are doing"

Levels must be detected in many applications. In different industries and markets, e.g. food and pharmaceutical industries or when handling bulk materials. In such applications capacitive sensors are often used to detect if a tank is full or empty. They function easily and measure reliably even through the wall of a tank. ifm presents a new capacitive sensor which offers added value to the user in many areas and allows direct "reading" of the switch point.

Who does not know this - while you are on standby duty the phone rings because a level sensor at a tank failed in production.
A replacement, if necessary, and electrical connection are quickly done but where and how is the correct switch point set? Operating instructions are not at hand and who feels like reading them when you’re in a hurry?
Here the new signal display helps. It easily and quickly visualises the optimum switch point via an LED display.
The user directly sees what is going on and the effect of turning right or left.

Suitable for harsh environments
The sensor is suitable for use in harsh operating conditions. It gets along with temperatures of -25 °C to 80 °C - the medium temperature can even be up to 110 °C. The protection ratings IP65, IP67 and IP69K are met.

IO-Link does the rest
The communication between sensors and higher-level controller is becoming more and more important in times of Industry 4.0.
Unintentionally changing the switch point setting or the operating mode can be prevented by configuration. More functions such as switch-on or switch-off delay can be set. The output function NPN / PNP or NC / NO can also be set.
With the possibility of process value transmission the new capacitive sensor makes you ready for Industry 4.0.

Capacitive sensors with visualised switch point

Product news:
Capacitive sensors with visualised switch point.