Accessories for AS-Interface

Flat cables, cables and connectors

The AS-i flat cable is part of the quick connection concept, in which all components are connected via 2 poles by means of the insulation displacement technology. Further cables and connectors serve for the connection of the periphery.
AS-i flat cable
yellow for AS-i black for 24 V red for 230 V DC
Jumper cables
M12 plug - M12 socket M12 plug - M8 socket M12 plug - valve M8 Plug - M8 Socket
addressing cable
with flat cable connection with jack socket with infrared head
programming cable
for controller e
Other cables
connection cables for safety monitors interface cable safety monitor - PC
COMBICON-plug front plug for controllers

Flat cable splitters and insulation displacement connectors

Flat cable splitters and insulation displacement connectors represent a low-cost alternative to the AS-i flat cable.
Flat cable insulation displacement connectors
M8 insulation displacement connector M12 insulation displacement connector FC insulation displacement connector with connection for round cables
splitter boxes
T splitter flat cable splitter boxes
Protective caps
for M8 connectors for M12 connectors

Accessories for Safety at Work

Here you can find accessories for safe AS-i participants.
e-stop label protective collar for E-STOP bridging plug for safety modules

Accessories for Air boxes

Here you will find the required accessories for set-up.
Protective caps sealing plug Silencer Push-in T-fitting Push-in L-fitting Valve Mounting plates

Addressing and diagnostic units

The AS-i addressing unit is the only unit required by the commissioning engineer. In addition to the addressing function it for example enables the read-out of slave profiles or the manual switching of outputs.
The diagnostic units serve for the control of the message quality and documentation of the machine state.
Addressing units diagnostic units

Module lower parts

The standardised flat cable lower parts are available as splitter for 2 yellow cables or for AS-i and 24V (yellow/black). As another option, an addressing socket is integrated which allows addressing also after mounting.
Round cable lower parts with the same interface to the electronics complement the product range.
for flat cable AS-i/AS-i for flat cable AS-i/AUX for round cable AS-i/AS-i adapter for AUX supply
hazardous areas (ATEX) with addressing plug with stainless steel bushing with integrated surge arrester

Accessories for module lower parts

Different accessories for different functions of the round cable lower part and accessories for flat cable lower parts complement the standard lower parts.
Sealings and seals
NBR seals Viton compound / high-grade steel kit Flat cable seal PG11
screw connections
Protective caps Cable glands
flat cable blank Heat-shrink caps Flat cable clips Flat cable seal Module cover Mounting plates


Here you can find the suitable tools for stripping the AS-i flat cable. Most of the time this is only necessary in the control cabinet, for the connection to the AS-i power supply. Furthermore, there is an accessory for the exchange of the colour caps of illuminated pushbutton modules.
JOKARI flat cable stripping tool

Software and literature

In addition to manuals and documentation, you can find in this section the programming and configuration software CoDeSys for the controller e family of ifm electronic with integrated plc. It enables programming of fast, decentralised processes in a language to IEC61131-3.
Software CoDeSys Manuals Reference textbooks