Accessories for photoelectric sensors


A suitable reflector (prismatic reflector) is always required for the use of retro-reflective sensors. ifm offers different round and square designs as well as special reflectors for laser light.
round rectangular Reflective tape
Angle brackets for reflectors
for rectangular reflectors
Mounting sets for reflectors
for round reflectors for rectangular reflectors

Corner mirror

To protect and monitor hazardous areas with access from several sides one or several mirrors can be used. By using mirrors the light beam emitted by the transmitter can be sent via several sides.
for safety light grids for safety light curtains

Fibre optics

Fibre optics can be considered to be a prolongation of the optical components of the fibre-optic amplifier. Through-beam and diffuse reflection versions are available depending on the detection task. Fibre optics with glass fibres and metal sheath can be used in hot applications. For standard applications inexpensive fibre optics with acrylic fibres are available.
cylindrical M3 M4 M5 M6 M8 angled
metal plastics sensing head with special features
up to 100 mm / 40 mm up to 300 mm / 70 mm up to 1000 mm / 175 mm
through-beam sensor diffuse reflection sensor
acrylic fibres on a reel highly flexible high temperature

Mounting clamps for fibre optics

Mounting clamps for fibre optics are used for a safe mounting of the fibre-optic heads on a plain surface.
for type
Ø 3 mm Ø 3.5 mm Ø 4.5 mm Ø 5 mm Ø 6 mm Ø 7 mm Ø 8 mm

Special mounting device for fibre optics

Fork fixtures allow the assembly of fork-type beam sensors using through-beam fibre optics.
By mounting through-beam fibre optics in the fork fixture the optical characteristics of a diffuse reflection sensor for short ranges, thus background suppression, are reached. This is an advantage in case of a light or shiny background.
Angle support for fibre optics

Coupling systems for fibre optics

Coupling systems consist of two parts and are for example used in interchangeable tools. The part of the fibre-optic system containing the adaptable fibre-optic heads is mounted in the interchangeable tool whereas the part including the fibre-optic amplifier is integrated in a control cabinet or switch box. If the tool is exchanged, the contained fibre optics are simply connected to the fibre optics of the amplifier.
single dual

Cutter for fibre optics

The cutting tools allow to cut the acrylic fibre optics to the desired length. The high quality of the optical sensing surface remains.

Angle support

An angle support deflects the light beams of a photoelectric sensor by 90°. Thus the sensor can be mounted transversally to the surface to be detected or to the reflector.
for type
OF (M12) OG (M18)


Diaphragms reduce the optical areas where light is emitted or incident. A detection of tiny objects or their exact positioning is thus possible.
for type

Lens attachments

Lens attachments for through-beam fibre optics focus the emitted or incident light. This measure allows longer ranges.
for type
M3 M4 M6

Mounting and fine adjustment bracket for laser units

The angle of radiation of these laser units is small. The fixture for fine adjustment allows easy alignment of the laser beam to a laser receiver or triple reflector. In addition this mounting system provides increased vibration resistance.
for type
OG (M18) OL OJ O1D

Illumination unit

Backlights for contour sensors are available as red light and infrared light versions. The integration into existing machines is facilitated by the extra flat design.
Illuminated area
10 x 75 mm 10 x 150 mm 25 x 25 mm 31 x 26 mm 50 x 50 mm 100 x 100 mm Ø 102 / Ø 68 mm Ø 90 mm
Type of light
Infrared light Red light White light


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