Power supplies / accessories

Power supplies

Power suppliesAS-i switched-mode power supplies are a necessary and essential part of an AS-interface network. They generate a regulated DC output voltage be-tween 29.5 V and 31.6 V according to the AS-i specification. All power supplies comply with the PELV requirements of EN 50178 and EN 60204.
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Basic mounting accessories

Basic mounting accessoriesThe correct mounting of the sensor is decisive for the machine function.
ifm electronic offers a complete range of fixing accessories for simple and safe mounting.
In addition to individual components such as angle brackets, nuts and mounting clamps, special mounting sets allow inexpensive, fast and flexible mounting solutions.
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Adjustable mounting systems

Adjustable mounting systemsifm offers a complete component system of easy-to-use mounting sets that make the installation of sensors and reflectors easier for you.
The solutions consist of a clamp fastened by only one screw that keeps the sensors safely in position and guarantees free movement in all axes.
Whereas the sensor mounting elements used depend on the sensor type, the clamps can be mounted in three different ways: rod mounting, free-standing mounting and fitting onto aluminium extrusions which are common in industry.
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Accessories for photoelectric sensors

Accessories for photoelectric sensorsEspecially for photoelectric sensors the quality of the fixing and of the accessories used is of great importance for the reliability of the complete sensor system.
In addition to suitable reflectors, angle brackets, mounting sets, diaphragms and lenses, you can also find suitable fibre optics and special fixtures here.
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Accessories for magnetic sensors

Accessories for magnetic sensorsIn addition to the customised installation and fastening options ifm also offers various target magnets.
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Accessories for cylinder sensors

Accessories for cylinder sensorsifm provides tailor-made accessories for the adaptation of the cylinder sensors to different pneumatic cylinder types.
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Accessories for valve feedback systems

Accessories for valve feedback systemsFor cylinder switches and valve sensors ifm offers suitable mounting solutions and special accessories for fast and wear-free operation.
Damping magnets and switching cams (pucks) were ideally adapted to the sensors and offer highest operational reliability.
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Accessories for AS-Interface

Accessories for AS-InterfaceThe extensive range of accessories for set-up, diagnosis and electrical installation ensures the success of AS-interface.
A variety of EMS lower parts allows the use of AS-i flat cables, screened or unscreened round cables. Flat cable insulation displacement connectors are available for the inexpensive cabling of the bus as well as for the fast connection of units with round cable or M12 connector. Software, literature and the eAS-i tester for the detection and documentation of disturbed data messages complete the range.
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Accessories for control systems

Accessories for control systemsMounting material and aids for the ecomatmobile control system.
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Accessories for identification systems

Accessories for identification systemsID tags for ifm RFID systems. Different versions and designs for a wide range of identification tasks.
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MiscellaneousNuts, protective caps, mounting bases, label tags and other parts which can also be ordered separately, can be found here.
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