Systems for mobile machines

Basic control systems

Basic control systemsThe ecomatmobile Basic control system has a modular design, is easy to install and to operate and is cost-optimised. Besides pure control functions it provides solutions for wiring and protection. In addition, a graphical visualisation module ensures the indication of system messages and simple display instruments.
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Mobile controllers

Mobile controllersThe platform of the ecomatmobile control system: the powerful controller family.
Free programmability and the variety of configuration options enable use in a wide range of different applications.
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I/O modules

I/O modulesDecentralised I/O modules for use in CANopen bus systems. Considerably reduced wiring, they are mounted where the signals are generated.
The flexible configuration of the inputs and outputs enables universal use and reduces the costs for stockholding.
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Dialogue modules / displays

Dialogue modules / displaysDisplays with graphics capabilities, free programming to IEC 61131 and various interfaces are features of the dialogue modules.
The convenient user interface for service and machine handling – the dialogue modules of the ecomatmobile control system.
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CamerasIn almost all mobile machines, users today use displays for indicating machine information. At the same time camera systems monitor the operating areas. Here, the new camera system O2M is used. Designed for extreme operating conditions.
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Diagnostic and service units

Diagnostic and service unitsDetection of diagnostic data – the basis for a powerful and low-cost remote maintenance and monitoring concept.
Reduced service costs and standstill times in cases of failure are essential advantages of this modern technology.
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Signal converters

Signal convertersThe solution provider for special applications. Signal converter to adapt sensor and actuator signals to the inputs and outputs of the controller or CANopen modules.
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SensorsFrom CAN-bus compatible or analogue inclination sensors to inductive proximity switches and pressure sensors for mobile applications.
The sensors of the ecomatmobile system are reliable even under the extreme conditions of use in a mobile machine.
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