IO-Link components

sensors with IO-Link

Besides the transmission of process data IO-Link sensors also enable the diagnosis and parameter setting via the M12 connection cable. Furthermore, switching and analogue outputs can also be used in a conventional manner.
Inductive sensors Capacitive sensors Ultrasonic sensors Photoelectric sensors Pressure sensors Temperature sensors Flow sensors Level sensors Encoders Inclination sensors

AS-Interface I/O modules

The IO-Link AS-i module combines the advantages of the AS-i wiring system with the standardised IO-Link communication. The sensor settings can also be saved via the AS-i module and, if needed, transmitted to a new sensor.
New ClassicLine

Field modules

Compact, sturdy and – using standardised M12 connections for sensors and actuators – quickly integrated into the machine, with no need for a control cabinet, this module is the top choice. Moreover, the corresponding GSD file provides a full and unambiguous description of the unit type characteristics in a precisely defined format.
4x IO-Link 8x IO-Link 4x digital PNP 8x digital PNP 12x digital PNP 16x digital PNP
4x digital PNP 8x digital PNP
Fieldbus interface
ProfiNet Profibus DP Ethernet/IP EtherCAT IO-Link

IO-Link display

The IO-Link display is a flexible solution to display process values, texts and messages in a plant. It displays up to four assigned process values, alarms and warnings. Clear text and as an option a colour change of text and background can be used for a quick overview. By means of buttons the user can trigger control actions of the PLC or acknowledge messages.
128 x 128 pixels


For using the advantages of IO-Link during commissioning or the exchange of devices in an optimum manner, tools such as the memory plug or PC connection are available.
Memory plug IO-Link interface Teach button Software

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