Safety light curtains

Safety light curtains

The following criteria are important for the selection of the safety light curtains:
The protective function - Depending on the degree of hazard the protective function is classified into access prevention or primary guarding. The protective function is in direct relationship with the resolution.
ESPE Type - Type OY safety light curtains comply with EN61496, depending on the design with type 2 or type 4.
The protected area height - The protected area height is the height of the maximum possible detection zone of the safety light curtains.
The protected area width - The protected area width (range) is the maximum distance between the transmitter and the receiver of the safety light curtains.
Type OY safety light curtains have a protected area width of 0...4 m or 3...12 m (selectable).
Protective function
Access prevention finger protection Access prevention hand protection Primary guarding bodies or parts of bodies Access prevention bodies or parts of bodies
14 mm 20 mm 30 mm 40 mm 50 mm 90 mm
2 4
Protected area height
160 mm 310 mm 460 mm 610 mm 760 mm 910 mm 1060 mm 1210 mm 1360 mm 1510 mm 1810 mm
Protected area width (range)
0...5 m 0...6 m 0...10 m 0...12 m 0...15 m 0...18 m 0...20 m
cable connector
floating blanking


Here you will find the required accessories for set-up.
Mounting accessories
Vibration damper Angle bracket Base Laser adjustment aid Test rod
Optical accessories
Corner mirror
Adapter cable
Configured for automatic operation Configured for "long range" Configured for "short range"

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