Fail-safe inductive sensors

Fail-safe sensors

A special counterpart such as a magnet or coded target is no longer necessary for the function of the fail-safe sensor. The fail-safe inductive sensor detects metals such as stainless steel or mild steel. It operates with an enable zone which is monitored for target position and dwell time.
The ifm fail-safe sensors can be directly connected to existing PLCs and logic modules. TÜV-certified software modules enable easy connection to the process. The connection to the safe bus systems AS-i Safety at Work, PROFIsafe and Interbus Safety is just as easy.
M12 M18 M30 rectangular
metal plastics
Enable zone
0.5 to 4 mm 1 to 5 mm 1 to 8 mm 3 to 6 mm 4 to 20 mm 6 to 12 mm 10 to 15 mm 10 to 20 mm


Here you will find the required accessories for set-up.
T splitter

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