Speed sensors

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Rotational speed sensors integrate rotational speed detection and monitoring in one unit. The sensor head operates to the principle of the inductive proximity sensor. The sensor detects metal actuating surfaces on a rotating machine. The integrated evaluation converts this information into rotational speed. If the set min/max rotational speed is higher or lower, the electronic output switches.
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Speed sensors for drives and axes

The high switching frequency of 15,000 Hz as well as the extended temperature range of -32...125 °C make the new magnetic ifm speed sensors your perfect partner for the detection of rotational speed and direction of rotation on axes, drives and shafts. The detection of both direction of rotation and rotational speed is integrated into one housing.
The sensors have fully electronic magnetic measuring cells, so that they function reliably without contact even in case of heavy soiling. They are "magnetically biased" with an integrated permanent magnet. The ferromagnetic teeth on a toothed wheel alter the existing magnetic field so that a corresponding switching signal can be generated.
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