Feedback systems for valves and valve actuators


The range of available sensors covers position feedback on quarter-turn actuators, sensors with integrated connection for solenoid valves, sensors with AS-i bus connection and versions for hazardous areas as well as continuous position detection for linear valves.
cylindrical M8 M12 M18 rectangular dual sensors for quarter-turn actuators continuous position detection for linear valves complete set for quarter-turn actuators
metal plastics
up to 2 mm up to 4 mm up to 8 mm up to 15 mm up to 80 mm stroke
cable cable with connector connector terminals
hazardous areas (ATEX) permanent valve monitoring Added value package AS-i for pneumatic quarter-turn actuators Solenoid valve output electromagnetic field immune A2 connected Automation set for rising stem valves

Accessory for valve sensors

The target pucks for dual sensors are directly mounted onto the shaft of the quarter-turn actuator. The shaft must conform to VDI/VDE 3845. A round puck with two targets positioned 90° apart in different heights damps the IND dual sensor or the Tx feedback unit.
Target pucks
target puck Ø 45 mm target puck Ø 53 mm target puck Ø 65 mm target puck Ø 102 mm selection guide for target pucks
Operating principle of the actuator
spring return normally open spring return normally closed double acting
Mounting material for IND
spacers reinforcement bracket

Switching amplifier for Namur sensors according to 94/9/EG (ATEX)

NAMUR switching amplifiers evaluate the sensor signal and control the output. They meet all requirements of the ATEX directives. Switching amplifiers with relay and active transistor and potential-free optocoupler outputs are available. The control circuits hold the approval Ex II (1) GD [EEx ia] IIC. The amplifiers are designed for the connection to NAMUR sensors according to DIN EN 60947-5-6 and mechanical switches. They provide the supply voltage for the intrinsically safe circuit.
housing for rail mounting
1x relay 2x relay 2x opto coupler 2x DC PNP

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