Signal converters - System description

  • Easy to use.
  • Compact housing.
  • Field or panel mounting.
  • Constant output signals.

Signal converter
If the user wants to connect sensors or actuators to a control or input / output module which do not provide the suitable output or trigger signal, signal converters are used. They are the problem solvers for special cases.

PWM / analogue converter
The PWM / analogue converter converts the provided PWM signal into an analogue output signal. It is for example used to control valves which cannot directly evaluate a PWM signal. The internal circuit of the converter smoothes the PWM signals and generates an output voltage which is proportional to the mark-to-space ratio.

CurrentControl module
For special current-controlled actuators the resulting current is measured and read via the analogue inputs of the controller. The CurrentControl module detects the measured current and provides it as an input signal. These modules are mainly for the control of hydraulic motors. As the control currents of these aggregates are usually very low the measured current is limited to max. 200 mA. The control function is implemented in the application program.

DC / DC converter
If the ratiometric inputs of the mobile controller cannot be used and a constant supply voltage, e.g. for joysticks or potentiometers, is needed, the DC / DC converter is used. Irrespective of the input voltage (within the permissible operating voltage range) it generates a constant output voltage. At the same time there is an electrical isolation.