Dialogue modules / displays - System description

  • Monochrome or colour displays with graphics capabilities and operating elements.
  • Programmable (IEC 61131-3) with CoDeSys target visualisation.
  • Closed robust metal housing for surface and panel mounting.
  • CAN interface with CANopen, SAE J1939 or free protocol.

Dialogue modules
Most machines are operated by humans. Machine states must be indicated and operator inputs must be processed. Depending on the size and complexity of the machine modern dialogue modules with text displays or full graphic colour displays and various operating fields are used. In one device they provide all functions which in the event of a conventional design could only be implemented by means of a time-consuming and cost-intensive installation and wiring of individual components. Due to the individual programming of the dialogue modules the user only sees the situation-dependent information which is relevant to him. Thanks to this situationdependent display the operating panels have a clearer structure and the operator can concentrate on the actual work function. Even service and maintenance personnel use dialogue modules as an intelligent access to the machine. Special start screens for example, which can be password-protected if needed, can be used to directly change machine parameters or read the operating data saved since the last maintenance.

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