Temperature sensors - System description

  • Integrated or separate evaluation selectable
  • Modular concept - tailored to every application
  • Increased process safety due to self-monitoring (type TAD)
  • Optional fittings for variable process connection
  • Robust construction for high resistance to shock and vibration

Temperature sensors
The temperature sensors of ifm electronic are based on a PT100 or PT1000 resistor. The measured temperature value corresponds to a change in resistance and is converted into an electrical analogue signal. A microprocessor controls the evaluation of the electrical signal. The current system temperature is indicated via the LED display directly on the evaluation unit.

The microprocessor and the display make process adjustment much easier. The user can set the values for the switch points, hysteresis and measuring range by means of programming buttons even without the system temperature being applied. This facilitates installation and set-up.

From sensor to system
A complete temperature measurement system usually consists of several components. The temperature in a medium is detected by a sensor and is converted into an electrical measured signal. The mechanical design and the dimensions of the sensors must vary to enable use for different media and measuring points. Depending on the application ifm electronic offers a selection of robust probe sensors or cable sensors.

To process the measured value the sensor is connected to a separate evaluation unit. It indicates the temperature on its integrated display.

As an alternative to the modular systems ifm electronic offers compact temperature sensors with integrated evaluation and display.

In hygienic applications the self-monitoring, calibration-free temperature transmitter TAD is an excellent choice.

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