Safety light curtains - System description

  • Type 2 and type 4 safety light curtains to IEC 61496.
  • Now with SIL to IEC 61508 and PL to ISO 13849.
  • Can be installed without dead band. Mounting accessories supplied with the units.
  • Ranges selectable on the unit: 0...4 m or 3...12 m.
  • Easy to connect via the tried and tested M12 connector (5- or 8-pin).

Wherever motion of machine parts presents a danger for people or goods, safety light curtains or safety light grids are used. These safety sensors operate without contact. In the standard they are also called electrosensitive protective equipment (ESPE). On activation the protective equipment ensures that the outputs are switched off which results in a machine halt. Safety light curtains and safety light grids consist of an optical transmitter and receiving element. In the transmitter element there are several light emitters and an equal number of receivers in the receiving element. When one or several light beams are interrupted, the system switches off the safe OSSD outputs (Output Signal Switching Device).
Type OY safety light curtains and safety light grids comply with the ESPE types 2 and 4 to EN61496. The selection of the system is decisive for maximum safety in the installation. The following criteria are important:

The protective function
Depending on the hazard for body or body parts the protective function is classified into hand protection, primary guarding and protection of entire bodies. The protective function is in direct relationship with the resolution (for safety light curtains) or the number of light beams (for safety light grids).

The system
Type OY photoelectric safety sensors are divided into safety light curtains and safety light grids. Safety light curtains are distinguished by various resolutions. For safety light grids there are versions with 2, 3 or 4 light beams.

Type OY safety light curtains and safety light grids comply with EN61496, depending on the design type 2 or type 4.

The protected area height
The protected area height is the height of the maximum possible detection zone.

The protected area width
The protected area width (range) is the maximum distance between transmitter and receiver. Type OY safety light curtains and safety light grids have a protective area width of 0...4 m or 3...12 (selectable).

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