3D cameras - System description

  • 3D camera for spatial detection of scenes and objects.
  • Easy, time-saving parameter setting.
  • Robust, industrially compatible housing with integrated lighting.

3D camera for detection in three dimensions of scenes and objects
The pmd 3d camera detects scenes and objects in their spatial dimensions at a glance. In contrast to laser scanners it does not require moving components and is thus robust and wear-free. The operating principle is the same as for the 3D sensor. Besides the 3D distance image the camera provides a grey image of the scene. The combination of these images offers integrators the possibility to freely program application-specific tasks by means of a software development kit. This results in low-cost application solutions in the areas of packaging, storage and materials handling, airport logistics, collision avoidance, robotics, monitoring of space and persons.

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Set-up in just a few steps: The professional and easy menu guidance allows configuration of the efector dualis to your application in just six operating steps.