3D sensors - System description

  • 3D sensor for assessment of distance, level or volume.
  • Easy, time-saving parameter setting.
  • Robust, industrially compatible housing with integrated lighting.

3D sensor for assessment of distance, level or volume
efector pmd 3d is the first industrial 3D sensor that can assess objects in three dimensions at a glance. Special feature: the time-of-flight measurement and evaluation are integrated on one chip. Each pixel of this chip matrix evaluates its distance to the object. The image of the object on the chip matrix and the respective distance values correspond to a 3D image. This technology enables the detailed assessment of the object's or scene's conditions by means of volume, distance or level detection in three dimensions. Typical applications are completeness checks and level monitoring in the food industry as well as presence and dimension monitoring in conveying.

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Set-up in just a few steps: The professional and easy menu guidance allows configuration of the efector dualis to your application in just six operating steps.