Vision sensors - System description

  • 2D vision sensor for object recognition.
  • Easy, time-saving parameter setting.
  • Robust, industrially compatible housing with integrated lighting.

2D vision sensor for object recognition
In automation technology visions sensors are an integral part of assembly and manufacturing tasks as well as quality control and thus increase efficiency. They are cameras with application-specific evaluation, i.e. reliable electronic eyes at a low cost and a high degree of integration. In a robust, industrially compatible housing they combine lighting, lens, camera chip, evaluation and process connections for the integration in the higher-level controller.

The application possibilities of efector dualis range from presence, position and orientation monitoring, via sorting and counting tasks to quality control. With an intuitive step-by-step interface and good/bad parts the user can simply create a model of the object to be recognised. The recognition software compares the object with the stored ideal, regardless of orientation, and transmits the results (good or bad, position, orientation) to the higher-level PLC. The sensor can administer up to 32 separate tasks with a maximum of 24 models each.

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Set-up in just a few steps: The professional and easy menu guidance allows configuration of the efector dualis to your application in just six operating steps.