Photoelectric sensors for specific applications - System description

  • High-quality photoelectric sensors for different applications
  • Excellent price / performance ratio
  • Extremely compact laser distance sensor with 10 m range
  • Easy adjustment via teach buttons or potentiometer
  • Extensive range of system components for easy and secure mounting

Detection of transparent objects
Counting bottles and glasses or the reliable monitoring of film for tear can be carried out without problem using specially designed retro-reflective sensors.
ifm electronic offers a retro-reflective sensor with a small switching hysteresis, in particular for the detection of transparent objects. Due to the operating principle, retro-reflective sensors have the advantage that the light beam must pass the object to be detected twice. Thus the light is sufficiently weakened to detect a transparent object reliably. Precise adjustment is made by means of the teach buttons.

Contrast sensor
The O5 contrast sensor is specially suitable for detecting print marks and particularly flat objects.

With its RGB transmitter LED the sensor detects even very small differences in contrast. During set-up it automatically selects the optimum transmitter colour from the colours red green blue (RGB) to ensure maximum energy difference of the reflected light. In addition, the teach method saves time and money. Pressing the buttons twice is enough for the sensor to be ready for operation.

High-resolution colour sensor
The new electronic colour sensor from ifm electronic detects the colour, packaging, label or imprint of objects at a high resolution. With the five selectable tolerance steps, the colour sensor perfectly differentiates even the finest shades of colour from the background or other objects. The unit is set to the colour to be detected by one push of the button. This saves time and money.