Fibre optic sensors - System description

  • Easy connection of different fibre optic sensors
  • Manual or automatic setting via pushbutton
  • LED display to check operation, switching status and function
  • Various fibre materials for different applications
  • Easy mounting also on DIN rail

Fibre optic systems
Fibre optic sensors are used where mounting space for photoelectric standard sensors is restricted.
Advantages of these systems: The evaluation unit and the photoelectric components are located separately from the sensing surface of the system. Fibre optic sensing heads can therefore be mounted in places where access is difficult.

Through-beam principle
Transmitting and receiving fibre optic sensors are laid separately. The two ends (fibre optic heads) are mounted opposite each other. The light beam interruption is evaluated according to the through-beam principle.

Diffuse reflection principle
Transmitting and receiving fibre optic sensors are in one sheath and one sensing head. Evaluation is based on the diffuse reflection principle.

Classification of the fibre optic sensors

Glass fibre optic sensors
Fibre optic sensors made of silicate glass are more resistant to heat, ageing and chemicals than acrylic fibre optic sensors. They do not change their optical response when they are bent. Glass fibre optic sensors cannot be cut to length by the user.

Acrylic fibre optic sensors
Acrylic fibre optic sensors are suited for standard applications if no particular demands such as heat or chemical resistance are made. They can be cut to length and are less expensive than glass fibre optic sensors.

High-flex fibre optic sensors
If the minimum bending radius is not adhered to, the fibres are damaged. High-flex fibre optic sensors allow extremely small bending radii.

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Tiny objects up to a size of 0.5 mm can be detected reliably.

Fibre optics
Very restricted space: Fibre optic systems can also be mounted where access is difficult.