Inductive sensors - System description

  • Sensors for almost all application areas
  • Wide choice of housing styles and operating voltages
  • High-quality housing materials
  • Cylindrical housings: Ø 3...34 mm, rectangular housings: 5 x 5 x 24 to 105 x 80 x 40
  • Wide selection of fixing accessories and connectors

Inductive sensors
In all automated processes sensors are necessary to provide the PLC with information. They supply the necessary signals for positions and limits, or serve as pulse pick-ups for counting tasks or for monitoring rotational speed. They offer ideal characteristics compared to mechanical switches: non-contact operation free from any wear and tear, high switching frequencies and accuracy. In addition, they are insensitive to vibration, dust and moisture. Inductive sensors detect all metals without contact.

Operating principle of inductive sensors
The sensors take advantage of the physical effect of a change in the quality factor of a resonant circuit caused by eddy current losses in conductive materials. This is how it works: An LC tuned circuit generates a high frequency electromagnetic field. If a conductive material enters this field, eddy currents will be formed in accordance with the law of inductance which draw energy from the oscillator. This reduces the oscillation amplitude. The change is converted into a switching signal. This operating principle permits detection of all metals.

Application sensors
Temperature shocks, mechanical influences or aggressive cleaning agents are just a few of the possible environmental influences to which sensors are subjected. ifm electronic therefore offers inductive sensors which have been developed for special applications. The use of selected housing materials such as stainless steel, LCP, PEEK, PBT or Duroplast and an innovative, consistent sealing concept from the sensor to the connector ensure ideal protection against penetrating media.

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Inductive proximity switch | ifm
Typical application: Position detection in automation technology. Proximity sensors operate reliably and without wear.

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High frequency electromagnetic field: The inductive sensor detects all metals.