Small targets for magnetic sensors

Small targets for magnetic sensors

Very long sensing ranges up to 55 mm and easy mounting

  • Easy fit with thread or countersink
  • Simplified mounting
  • Compact targets with long sensing ranges up to 55 mm
  • Increased process safety – conceal behind stainless steel for zero visibility
  • Stable signals even under vibration
Easy solutions for difficult applications
​In special applications, the ifm magnetic sensors with these new targets offer long sensing ranges where other technologies reach their limits. In challenging applications, the combination of magnetic sensor and target can maximise performance.
Restricted space
New magnets with a small design offer easier mounting options in a machine, even where space is restricted, due to countersinks or a thread. Due to the new targets it is possible to double the M12 sensors’ range while an enlargement of clear space between sensor and magnet provides a more flexible installation as well as an increased process safety.

Ring magnet

E12537 - Damping magnet, Ambient temperature -40...200 °C
E12538 - Damping magnet, Ambient temperature -40...80 °C
E12539 - Damping magnet, Ambient temperature -40...80 °C

Threaded magnet

E12540 - Damping magnet, Ambient temperature -40...80 °C
E12541 - Damping magnet, Ambient temperature -40...60 °C

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