Data Matrix code

The Data Matrix code
The Data Matrix code is a two-dimensional code containing much more information with the same structure size than comparable codes like bar code or stacked codes. Several thousand characters can be stored in one code. Further advantages are the high reading speed and excellent data protection. The Data Matrix code can be structured differently and is variable in shape and size. The size can cover 1 x 1 mm to 100 x 100 mm, the shape can be square, rectangular or designed as a multi-segment code.

Structure of a Data Matrix code
Characteristic features are a consistent, rectangular "finder bar" for the orientation of the code as well as the "alternating grid" for structuring. The data zone is within these "help elements". Around the code a "quiet zone" (clear space) is necessary where no interfering structures are allowed and which must at least cover 1 module width (one square is called a "module").

High reading reliability
An important feature of the Data Matrix code is the high reading reliability even if the code is soiled or damaged. The reason for this is multiple presence of one and the same information at different positions in the data zone so that the intelligent system can reassemble the information in case of damage. For the multi-code reader the Read Solomon principle is applied which can decode the code even if 28% of the information is destroyed.