O3M 3D Smart Sensor | Overview

O3M 3D Smart Sensor –

your assistant on mobile machines

ifm has developed a new generation of 3D Smart Sensors to further increase the level of automation of mobile machines and achieve even greater efficiency.

Three-dimensional detection of scenes
Automatic detection of objects

The PMD 3D sensor from ifm detects scenes and objects three-dimensionally with only one image capture. This avoids the motion blur that can occur with line scanners.

3D sensors for mobile machines

Special applications

Line guidance Line guidance

Automatic swath detection and line guidance for agricultural machinery. The 3D sensor detects the volume flow of the harvested material and simultaneously provides a driver steer recommendation to the machine control system.

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Collision prediction

Collision predictionCollision prediction

Automatic calculation of the collision probability for moving vehicles taking into account vehicle data such as speed or steering angle. For slow-moving mobile machines, a fixed monitoring area can be defined.

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Distance control

Distance control Distance control

By monitoring a pre-defined area, the 3D sensor can indicate the distance to an object in three dimensions. Capturing an entire scene instead of just a single point, the sensor is able to signal the shortest and/or furthest distance.

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System solutions

Distance monitoring Distance monitoring

For simple distance tasks, the 3D Smart Sensor offers an integrated distance monitoring function with up to 64 selectable regions of interest. Possible applications include rear-area monitoring, automation and assistance tasks.

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Edge detection

Edge detectionEdge detection

With more than 1,000 individual measurements the 3D sensor detects the mowing edge, thus ensuring precise and constant guidance for an efficient harvest process.

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Special applications

Area surveillance Area surveillance

With the automatic object recognition of up to 20 objects including classification into moving or static objects the 3D sensor provides many possibilities for area surveillance.

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