Why measure compressed air?

Compressed air is used in nearly all industrial areas as well as in process technology whether for powering, control, moving or conveying.
Compressed air is one of the most expensive industrially used carriers of energy. Therefore, the optimisation of its consumption and the knowledge where the consumption takes place is increasingly important. Huge cost savings can be made by repairing leaks.

Losses, caused by leaks, of up to 30 % of the generated compressed air quantity are not uncommon. The early detection and repair of these leaks saves huge costs for compressed air generation and protects the environment.
Possibilities for optimisation have been sought for years in campaigns such as www.druckluft-effizient.de , together with consumers of compressed air, manufacturers of compressed air systems and institutes, also with the goal of relieving the environment with respect to the generation of compressed air.

But an optimisation is only possible if you know which quantities are consumed where and where leakage occurs. In this regard, the detection and control of the consumption by means of measuring systems is necessary. So, ifm electronic has developed the efector metris compressed air consumption meter, which conforms to these requirements.