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Parameter setting and visualisation

  • Clear representation
  • Documentation and archiving
  • Transferable parameter sets


The LINERECORDER SENSOR is software for clear online and offline parameter setting of ifm IO-Link sensors via USB adapter. It allows consistent parameter setting and visualisation of all sensors and actuators with IO-Link interface. Some standard functions are the import of IODDs and the automatic identification of connected devices. A clear representation of the adjustable parameters allows easy definition of the device functions. The parameter sets can be stored and transferred.

They can also be archived as pdf files for documentation purposes. The process values are shown graphically during set-up. This helps the user optimise the parameters to the respective application and ensures smooth operation of the plant.


QA0001 - LINERECORDER SENSOR (USB flash drive), version 4.0.0, software for clear online and offline parameter setting of ifm IO-Link sensors via USB adapter, application via USB connection cable (driver is supplied): IO-Link interface E30396 or IO-Link master E30390 (note the respective data sheet), IODD import and update from ifm's homepage


LINERECORDER-SENSOR Screenshot 1 (Screenshot 1)


LINERECORDER-SENSOR Screenshot 1 (Screenshot 2)

Measured value transfer to the controller

IO-Link sensors provide a multitude of functions that can be available to the PLC. To actually use them the functionalities have to be individually implemented in the PLC.

This is at present very time and cost intensive, in particular for the implementation of the required user interfaces. ifm provides ready-made programming examples and apps. Configuration and set-up is considerably facilitated and errors are avoided.