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What is an IODD?

IO-Link device description. This file, the IODD, stores a variety of information for the system integration e.g. identification, process, and diagnostic data.

Where do you find the IODD?

On our website, at data sheet for each IO-Link device, under "More information"

Where is it stored?

In LINERECORDER SENSOR or other software for IO-Link device or port configuration tools.

What is a "measured value"?

It's a digital value sent from the sensor to the main system.

How does it differ from a 4 - 20mA signal?

There are no conversion, scaling or transmission losses.

How can wire break be detected with IO-Link?

Each IO-Link device gives a "heartbeat" every 2.3ms

How can IO-Link reduce the variety of I/Os?

Each port can be configured as an input or output or as a mix of input/output and can be for digital signals as well as measuring values.

What is bidirectional data?

Data that goes both directions; from and to the IO-Link master.

What is the difference between an A port and a B port?

An A-port is mainly used for inputs (sensors) and a B-port for inputs or outputs (actuators).

What is a Master?

The IO-Link master establishes the connection between the IO-Link devices and the automation system.

What functions can the Memory Plug carry out?

Storage and download of parameters to an IO-Link device.

What needs to be done with an IO-Link master before it can be used?

Every port must be configured by the customer according to his needs in his application, (as input, output or input/output and data length).

How does an IO-Link master know when it should download OR upload parameters from an IO-Link device?

Every port can be configured for automatic upload or download of parameters. This is done via the PLC and is a part of the node configuration.

How can process data from sensors be integrated in a controller?

The following document describes the integration of process data using the example of ifm pressure and flow sensors.

Integration of IO-Link sensors in a controller.

About the IO-Link consortium

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