IO-Link | Applications for your progress

IO-Link – Applications for your progress

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IO-Link sensors and actuators from ifm are distinguished by their versatility. They can be used in many different industries and applications.

Automotive industry


Food and beverages

Machine tools

Steel and metal industry

Wind energy

Applications in the automotive industry

Level detection in the mobile hydraulics of heavy load lifters

Vacuum sensors monitor suction grippers

Compressed air meter for recording energy consumption of suction grippers

Temperature monitoring on the dispensing head for sealing

Applications in hydraulics

Reliable signal transmission on hydraulic power units

Temperature measurement on a hydraulic power pack

Pressure measurement on a hydraulic power pack

Level measurement on a hydraulic power pack

Cycle control in central lubrication

Fieldbus technology on hydraulic power units

Applications in the food and beverage industries

Level detection in a cane sugar mill

Optical detection of transport boxes on a box washer

Optical detection of chocolate on a packaging machine

Level monitoring on a CIP installation in milk processing

Level detection on a brewhouse tank

Level measurement in a diatomaceous earth tank

Pressure measurement on a hydraulic power pack

Temperature measurement on a separator during milk processing

Applications in machine tools

Sensors with IO-Link functionality

Identification and detection of interchangeable tools in series connections

Position detection of workpiece carriers in series connections

Monitoring of hydraulic power packs

Position detection of workpiece carriers in series connections

Compressed air monitoring in the maintenance unit

Vacuum monitoring on grippers

Loading condition of conveyor belts

Measurement of compressed air consumption

Detection of industrial water in plants

Control of the weight compensation Z axis

Applications in the steel and metal industries

Roll changing car hydraulics

Pressure monitoring of the gas supply

Monitoring of the system pressure in the coke oven machine

Gas pressure monitoring in flame cutters

Compressed air consumption and leakage monitoring

Spray cooling in continuous casting

Pressure monitoring in recirculating oil lubrication systems

Applications in wind energy

Temperature monitoring cooling circuit

Temperature monitoring

Temperature monitoring hydraulic oil

Temperature monitoring of the generator cooling

Pressure monitoring hydraulic power unit