What is ”i-STEP”?

i-STEP stands for particularly innovative solutions from ifm electronic.

i-STEP products open up horizons for technological visions and close gaps in your applications. Moreover, they offer excellent price/performance ratios.

So far, there are some i-STEP products available from ifm:
ecomat mobile ecomatmobile Basic
The new control concept ecomat mobile Basic
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pmd3d efector pmd3d
A quantum leap in optoelectronics: sensing in 3D. Visual assessment of distance, level or volume
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Multicode Multicode Reader
Multicode Reader for optical identification.
Identification of bar codes and 2D codes.
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efector efector mid
Magnetic-inductive inline flow sensor. Compact and low-cost monitoring of conductive liquids.
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efector efector pim
Pressure sensor with diagnostic function for pumps. Pump monitoring and pressure detection – one sensor for 2 functions!
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efector gwr efector gwr
Innovative measuring principle for compact tanks. Level sensor operates on the basis of guided wave radar.
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efector pmd efector pmd
Convenient optical distance measurement at a low cost. Extremely compact laser distance sensor.
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efector valvis efector valvis
Continuous position detection for linear valves. Position feedback for single and double seat valves up to 80mm stroke.
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PK Pressure sensor PK
Ingeniously simple: The new pressure sensor generation PK. The innovative PK series: Compact, convenient and economical.
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efector dualis efector dualis image sensor - the electronic eye
Object recognition for assembly and manufacturing tasks and for quality control.
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efector octavis efector octavis
Première for an innovative sound. Rolling element bearing diagnosis for condition monitoring.
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efector metris efector metris
Innovation for cost reduction in pneumatics.
Leakage monitoring. Measurement of compressed air consumption.
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