The new control concept ecomatmobile Basic

Often the best solution is very simple.
Automation of mobile vehicles.
Easy, modular, cost-optimised.

Compose your optimum solution and integrate it into your mobile vehicles.

Ensure more convenience and more reliability for your customers in only three steps.

ecomatmobile Basic - Concept: connect - activate - operate
1. connect - 2. activate - 3. operate

ecomatmobile Basic:
The perfect integration of all components creates a balanced control technology platform for mobile vehicles. With ecomatmobile Basic ifm electronic has developed an easy, modular and cost-optimised control system for mobile vehicles. Equipped with the know-how of state-of-the-art automation technology - "Made in Germany".

ecomatmobile Basic scores both during installation and set-up and while the application is running.

The three modules BasicRelay, BasicController and BasicDisplay perfectly adapt to each other and can be combined in a flexible way.

Besides being a low-cost programmable mini controller, ecomatmobile Basic provides the solutions for protection, wiring and visualisation.

Overview Basic concept (PDF file 1,003 kb)